At the age of 24 I had already had two relatively long relationships: one of three years and one of five. In each, after a while, I lost the desire for sex. Even though I did love my beloved.

Was something wrong with me?
Well, in the brief periods that I was single, I felt like a fully sexual being. My sex was certainly not broken.

Was something wrong with these relationships?
When I met my current lover Jeroen, I immediately knew: ’this is him!’
But after two years I was as sexually locked as before.

In addition, we developed a solid pattern of breaking up and getting together again. Already after a few months we broke up for the first time. No one told me that a relationship can be so difficult and painful!

Fortunately, we are both curious types, so we started to explore: how could we heal the wounds that underlie these destructive patterns and blocks?

In 2007 we ended up at the Centrum voor Tantra and we were perplexed how Tantra enriched every aspect of our live. So much authenticity, adventure and depth: we wanted to learn everything about it.

As I penetrated deeper into the path, I experienced more and more love, connection and intimacy. Gradualy we became closer to our teachers and started to assist them in endless amounts of beautiful retreats. Eventually, around 2015, we started teaching these courses ourselves. But even while being Tantra teachers; our own sexual life was not yet very satisfying.

That changed when we started applying some simple principles to our lovemaking.

Now we are together for 16 years and we finally make love without having to do anything. Simply because our body wants it – and not because our mind dictates it. We are more intimate with each other, friendlier. more playful. We’re also nicer parents to our child. Better neighbors. More lovable colleagues.

Not that we’re never fed up with each other again; we certainly are. But we don’t take it all that seriously anymore when it sometimes chafes and turns into a mess.

In an Avond vol Aandacht (‘Evening full of Attention’) I will introduce you and your partner to some of the techniques that I have learned on my adventurous and winding path. What you’ve learned, you can apply directly at home; whether Tantra is the right path for you or not.

I am happy and grateful to make the world a little bit more beautiful.

Want to get to know me a little bit better before booking an appointment? 
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Marije Oostindie, Avond vol Aandacht

Short bio

After many years as a student, I am affiliated with the wonderful Centrum voor Tantra institute as a teacher since 2015. I thoroughly enjoy the group retreats that I give there.

From this place I am often asked: ‘Can we learn about Tantra in private?’. And so I started giving my Avonden vol Aandacht (translated as ‘Evenings full of Attention’); private introductions to Tantra for couples. It is very fulfilling for me to have my attention so extensively with two people with a genuine interest in themselves and each other.

Next to being a teacher, I am also an artist. Thanks to practicing Tantra, because only after I was securely in touch with my life force again, it became clear that painting was part of my direction in life. Ten years after art academy, I finally started painting again. You’ll find some of my artworks below and troughout this website.

I currently work in Amsterdam where I also live; together with my husband and son.

Do you like these paintings? Go to and find out how to order a limited edition or a set of artcards.