A more intimate relationship

Do you expect that there is more? More to you, more to your relationship and more to life?
More adventure, more truth. A deeper connection. More sensuality.

In the 15 years in which I have practiced Tantra together with my beloved, I experienced a whole lot of this goodness. Not only within our love affair, but also in connection with our son, friends, colleagues, family and the world around us.

Where to start if you crave more intimacy? I recommend the group retreats of the Center for Tantra, where I work as a teacher, with all my heart.

But Tantra benefits from time, a lot of time. That’s why our retreats take a whole week. I often speak to couples who cannot be away from home for a whole week because of their small children. Others hate the idea of joining ​​our large groups: they want private lessons. Also, when you don’t speak Dutch, there is no way of attending our group courses.

That is why I give my ‘Avonden vol Aandacht’ (Evenings full of Attention). A private introduction to Tantra, together with your beloved. In this three hour workshop you will learn how to allow more intimacy and sensual energy within your connection. A great gift to yourself, to your loved one and to your relationship.
Wishing you all the best,

Avond vol Aandacht: corona proof

Especially in this time it is important to find depth and relaxation together with your partner.
Fortunately my sessions take place in a large and open space. The prescribed distance is therefore very easy to maintain.

What is an ‘Avond vol Aandacht’?

In an ‘Evening full of Attention’, you and your partner get to dip your toes in the world of Tantra. This three hour session takes place in a spacious studio in Amsterdam North.  The whole setting is very relaxed. So, yes, it’s adventurous. But hopefully you will also experience it as safe. You are always in control and can decide any moment wether you want to participate at an exercise I propose.

You can ask me any questions you ever wanted to ask a Tantrika. But above all, you will practice and experience a lot yourselves. I hope to support you and your partner in experiencing a deeper relaxation and more truth.

You will receive tools that will allow you to experience more intimacy and sensuality at home. And if you like what you got, there’s much, much more to learn. Tantra is a path for life.

Before booking, please check the practical information below.

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Book an appointment?

Please first read the practical information on my private couples sessions below.

If you want to schedule a session, you can easily do this yourself via my online booking page.

For questions please email us at (our first name) @ avondvolaandacht.nl or send us a voice message via Whatsapp. Please find all our contact information here.

Who are these sessions for?

I designed these private sessions for couples of any age, gender or sexual orientation that are interested in learning more about intimacy. All that is truly needed to enroll in this program, is your genuine interest and curiosity. Interest in your own internal processes and in those of your loved one.

You don’t need any previous experience with spirituality. Never sat on a meditation cushion before? No problem! Also if you’d rather sit on a chair, that’s absolutely fine with me. If you already have experience with Tantra, please inform me and I will adjust the program to your request.

Though Tantra is a spiritual path, don’t expect any wooshy wooshy things going on here. Tantra is very practical and applicable to daily life. In fact, it was designed just for us: ‘normal’ people with spouses, families, hobbies and a job. That’s why this beautiful tradition survived for thousands of years.

You are welcome if you have known each other for forty years and also if you only just met two months ago. The practice of Tantra will deepen the connection with yourself and your loved one. There’s so much to uncover!

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Practical information

In an ‘Avond vol Aandacht’ you will experience Tantra, together with your loved one. For three hours you will receive our private guidance and undivided attention.

As trainers we are very experienced and affiliated with the renowned Centrum voor Tantra, where we teach only in week long group retreats. You will be taught Tantra as we practice it within this center, but then privately. I promiss that you will be taken care of very well, as is the tradition of our center.

Not sure if Tantra is right for you? Read this article.
First want to know more about Tantra? Click here.

These private sessions for couples take place in beautiful spaces. The exact address for your session will be provided instantly after booking.

An ‘Avond vol Aandacht’ costs €386,- or €445,-  including 21% VAT. Click on the time slot in our agenda to see the prices. This price includes our expierenced guidance, the rent of beautiful space just for the three of us – and loads of tea and appetizers.

If you own a company, I will send you an invoice upon request mentioning ‘coaching’, so you can deduct the VAT.

You can easily book your session and pay with Ideal via the online reservation page.
The following cancellation conditions apply to your reservation.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me or my colleagues if you need to know more.
You can send me a Whatsapp messages at +31 06.24620048 or email me: marije [at] avondvolaandacht.nl

Avond vol Aandacht - lekkers op het plankje

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