Welcome to ‘Fuel for your Relationship’

In this practice (please find the Dutch version here) I will guide you to connect a bit more deeply with yourself. From there it also becomes possible to experience deeper contact with your partner.

At some point I’ll ask you to bring your attention to the goodness in your relationship. I see that as an important art in life, in which attention is often so naturally focused on what is not (yet) going well.

And yes, it is there: in great abundance. Also when you cannot feel it all the time. Without it you would never ’take the shit of your relationship’, as my sweetheart puts it so beautifully.

Enjoying your time together when life is good, gives you fuel to also move through difficult or challenging moments.

First, the preparation video:

Then, the practice itself:

‘I am very happy to see that more and more people are willing to explore into deeper layers of intimacy.

The more we feel connected to ourselves and our loved ones, the more beautiful our world will be.’

– Marije

What couples say about their private sessions:

‘Much has changed after our Avond vol Aandacht.’


‘It felt like a warm bath’


‘We were a bit tensed when we came in, but Marije took care that we felt at home very quickly.

We felt really free.’


‘We really liked it that you switched shamelessly and effortlessly between general insights of Tantra and your own experiences.



‘Our communication is more transparent now.

We dare to say more to each other.’


‘My wife arranged this private session and persuaded me to come with her.

I did so reluctantly, but it turned out to be a very good choice!’


‘An Avond vol Aandacht is a very nice and accessible way to get introduced to Tantra’


‘We liked that you regularly asked us if what you told us came across.

You clearly indicated that we could always say it if we didn’t like something.’


‘At one point I felt one together: a deep feeling.’


‘We had no explicit expectations.

The experience was very nice.

Not just the exercises

but also your guidance.’


‘We feel empowered to ‘get started.’


‘I am very glad that I gave myself this in-depth,

connected experience.’


‘The afternoon with Marije was beautiful

and showed us that there are many more layers to discover

in our intimate relationship.’


‘Heel fijn om deze middag mindful bezig te zijn

en dichter in contact te komen met je eigen gevoel

en de verbinding met je partner.’


‘We felt very well guided.’


‘We felt very connected again.

In the weeks that followed, that connection remained very tangible.’


‘So much gentleness, compassion and genuine attention.

Our energy is flowing again

and it gives a lot of peace at the same time.’


‘It was our first introduction to Tantra and that was immediately a very nice.’

Anna & Harold

‘For us it was above all a moment of intense intimacy without frills.

A good counterpart to the autopilot part in us.’

Iris & Arnoud

‘You gave us a lot of explanations that went beyond just the sexual part,

and more about connecting in general.

That made it very valuable.’


‘Very special to be so busy with your body and your feelings.

What depth and information does that provide you.’


‘My partner and I felt the space to really connect with ourselves and with each other.
Open and honest.

That created a profound connection together.’


‘I experienced an Evening Full of Attention as a great gift

for myself and for my relationship.’


‘This really inspires me to slow down more often.

To make more time for each other

and be attentive to my love.’

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Avond vol Aandacht - Tantra in je relatie

And, how are you now?

Tantric exercises are often initially a bit exciting or uncomfortable to do. But afterwards I usually experience an expanding, relaxing and sometimes even ecstatic effect. Sometimes it fuels a meaningful conversation or a desire to make love. Of course, I hope you experience something similar.

It could also be that it wasn’t so easy to bring your attention to the richness and goodness of your relationship. Then please know that this is something you can learn. Because we humans are capable of great growth and change, once our curiosity is aroused!

Want more?

If you liked this taste of Tantra, then I cordially invite you to come and have an ‘Evening Full of Attention’ (Avond vol Aandacht) with one of us. In this private session you will get introduced to the wonderful path of Tantra – in a safe and comfortable setting. You will learn a number of simple, powerful techniques to experience more flow and relaxation in your contact.

You’ll also receive ’the best homework ever’, in which you practice everything you learned in the session at home…

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And after that:
Couples who did a private session with us – or who have some experience in Tantra – are very welcome in our playful two day Tantra Couple’s Relationship Retreat.