‘Gold’: our two-day training to make your relationship shine

How can you desire what you already have?
April 7 & 8 | Amsterdam

Nothing is more precious to us than the relationship with our loved one. What could we do better than to further enrich and deepen the contact between you and your partner? That’s what we are going to do in this joyful two-day training.

In a small group of like minded couples, you get a lot of personal attention and space for the Gold: the goodness in your relationship.

You may have experienced how easy it also can be to focus on the things you don’t want in your relationship. To things that are not going well, to what’s missing, to where your loved one doesn’t have for you what you need…

But, as Jeroen puts it so elegantly: ‘You would never take the shit from your relationship, if there wasn’t a huge lot of goodness too.’

You experience ‘gold’ with your partner when you feel both free and connected at the same time. In these two days we equip you with new possibilities and techniques to let your relationship flourish. We will mine the gold and make it shine.

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About the program

Day 1: Mining the Gold

How can you continue to work together, even when it gets tough? How do you express yourself about the things you would like to see different? Or that you really appreciate in your relationship?

This first day we are engaged in speaking the Language of Love. You’ll learn different ways of speaking together, in such a way that you connect more deeply with your own experience. That gives you the opportunity to create a more intimate contact with your loved one. This is a secure base from which there will be more space for the connection and flow between you.

Of course, we’re not just going to be learning, digging and polishing these days. We are also going to celebrate the perfection, the beauty and the love that is already there. You get an assignment home to do together in the evening.

Day 2: The Radiance of Gold

On the second day of this program, we will make the gold shine. The ingredients for shininess are: fun, play and relaxation. Enjoyment gives you energy. Without that fuel, your relationship will always have to change, and that turmoil doesn’t serve you.

Today we speak the Language of Love without too many words. We look at how to express ourselves in movement and touch – and how to use our breath to surrender ourselves to our free flow…

We conclude with a Tantric ritual, so that you close this retreat relaxed and connected.

Why explore Tantra in a group setting?

All exercises that we offer, you will do together with your partner. You will spend a lot of time together on a small island, in a sea with other islands.

Then why would you do this in a group, you may ask yourself? It can be pretty challenging to show yourself to your own partner, let alone to unknown others.

The other couples will learn from you and sometimes recognize themselves in you. And vice versa: you learn from them, and recognize yourself in what they will share about their contact. This way you have access to many more ’teachers’ than just the two of us.

Jeroen and I are still in contact with people from our very first Tantra week (in 2007!); deep friendships have been formed there that have greatly enriched our lives. We hope you will experience the other people in the group as a great gift.

Opening yourself up in a group, requires a safe environment in which everything that takes place and is said remains confidential. For this reason, recording equipment, telephones and cameras obviously have no place in our program.

For whom?

This Tantra training is for couples who are looking for new ways to deepen and strengthen their relationship. Some experience with bodywork, meditation and self-examination is required. You will meet five to seven other couples in Gold at various stages of their lives.

If you have never done anything with Tantra before, we ask you to do an Evening Full of Attention (private introduction to Tantra) first. This provides a basis from which we continue to work in Gold.

If you are not sure whether this training is suitable for you and your partner, please contact us (Jeroen or Marije @ AvondvolAandacht.nl).

Practical information

Investment: This training costs €697 per couple. This price includes coffee & tea, snacks and two healthy vegetarian lunches.* There is space for 6 to 8 couples.

Dates: You can register for this training, that is especially meant for couples who don’t speak Dutch together, on April 7 & 8 2023. The language will be English. Are you a Dutch speaking couple? Please find the Dutch version of ‘Gold’ here.

Times: Both days the program is from 10:00 to 17:00 hrs (walk-in for coffee and tea from 09:30). On the first day you will be given an assignment to take home together in the evening – if that fits within your possibilities.

Address of our venue: Center for Tantra, Amsterdam – Asterweg 20 G

Staying overnight? We recommend the stylish and playful Sir Adam Hotel, a 10-minute walk away from our venue and beautifully situated on the river IJ.

Traveling: If you need to travel from abroad, please take note that due to the climate crisis we cannot allow participants who travel by air.

Conditions: Read the cancellation conditions here.

*Do you have food allergies? Send me an email and I’ll make sure you can eat well.

Yes, we sign up for Gold

About us:

Jeroen Biegstraaten was a business consultant for many years before he became a Tantra trainer at the Center for Tantra. He now teaches Tantra and relationship coaching for Avond vol Aandacht and is also a trainer at the platform Mannenkracht (‘Men Power’). In the meantime he also founded a taekwondo school.

Together with the other two men behind Mannenkracht, he wrote a book, published by Altamira in 2021.

Marije Oostindie works as a trainer at the Center for Tantra, and has been giving ‘Evenings Full of Attention’ (private introductions to Tantra for couples) since 2014. In addition, she is an artist. Please also take a look at her art website.

Marije about Jeroen:

‘Jeroen is a real man’s man. At first glance, he likes those typical male things: his love for Taekwondo and Heavy Metal tops the list. When I met him in 2004, I was surprised to find that there is also a sensitive, generous and sometimes quite vulnerable soul in that large, powerful male body.

Practicing Tantra together further brought these diverse qualities – the firmness and the sensitivity – to light. I am very happy to see how Jeroen is now offering trainings especially for men. In my couples sessions I meet many men whom I wish to work with Jeroen. That is why I am very happy that he said ‘yes’ when I asked him if he would like to shape this two-day event with me.’

Jeroen about Marije:

‘Read the above first, then you will understand that after our first date to a Motörhead concert, I was sold. This gorgeous, slim girl (hey, we were young!) happily dived into the mob of sweating, rocking mens bodies – and we had a lot of fun. She also appeared sensitive and interested in personal growth and the deeper layers of life. It wasn’t all an easy road; there was also a lot of fits, crashes and bangs (I never knew that I could throw a bike so hard on the ground…). But we experienced enough connection and desire to be together, to get married in 2014. A year later we received a beautiful son together. Because no matter what, we always find each other again.

What I really enjoy about Marije is her sense of beauty, her unprecedented openness (I can really look deep into her heart) and her enormous dedication to a better world. She does this with her work, but above all with her whole heart. In all the fights, fits and making out I feel more and more like a diamond being cut by the power of our relationship: the shit and the glory.’